About Steve

With a keen eye for value and a love for design, Steve can help you find an ugly duckling that becomes a swan. He can also help Sellers realize the highest price possible with the least amount of hassle in the business. Steve owns an award-winning GoWest Staging company and has expertise in many neighborhoods in San Francisco, Marin, and Pacifica. His ability to quickly prepare a home for market, assist sellers in moving, stage a home and prepare the marketing for the highest price possible are so good that many top agents at other big brands hire him to help them with their own listings.

Steve's expertise in San Francisco real estate includes commercial leases/sales, residential sales, interior design, and investment strategy. He started in this business as a property manager and restored a large four-story 1914 Edwardian apartment building. He knows the San Francisco market through several cycles and specializes in preparing homes for this extraordinary market. 

Steve has been a San Franciscan for almost 20 years. He is a designer, gardener, an avid skier, backpacker, and longboarder. Besides real estate, ask his advice on local hiking trails, restaurants, and overnight bay area excursions. The passion, value-added, and simplicity of this one-stop-shop for sellers and buyers will be apparent in your first meeting with him.

Always available for consulting, planning, and seeing your vision -  call Steve @ (415) 305-1082 and follow your dream, home.