A longtime resident of Sausalito, Mike understands Marin County real estate from the ground up, thanks to his years as an architect, property manager, and agent. When he looks at a property for clients, he is looking as if he were purchasing it for himself, with a deep commitment to their budgets and desired outcomes. Mike has owned and operated businesses in Larkspur, Mill Valley, and Sausalito since 1978. As a parent and property manager in these cities, along with remodeling houses and owning restaurants like Gatsby’s Pizza, he understands the unique cultures and features of the areas he serves. Mike continues to be inspired by the natural beauty of Marin, with its miles and miles of trails and recreation, and its gorgeous waterfront views. Professional Background Mike completed his degree in architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle in 1970, and he also studied at INSEAD, The Business School for the World. His career in large-scale luxury commercial and residential construction management began with the challenging initial stages of the Pike Place Market Redevelopment in Seattle. As the first architectural advisor on the project, he designed plans and strategized which areas needed to be focused on for renovation, and which areas to preserve for historic significance. As a citizen and investor, Mike was instrumental in the revitalization of the now flourishing Leschi District which overlooks Lake Washington. Homeowners still thank him for his expertise and liaison work that enabled them to improve their properties and watch their home values rise dramatically. He also coordinated construction and architectural efforts at Kish Island, working with the French government and the Monsef family company, Mercury. Mike’s knowledge of complex interactions between clients, the community, and local government allows him to swiftly move through negotiations. His emphasis on structural integrity and aesthetics help him make sure his clients are getting exactly the property they need. Personal Background Mike and his wife of forty-eight years, Paula, have lived in Sausalito since 1990, after raising their two sons in Mill Valley. Both sons are in the entertainment industry. Ramiz is a successful actor who has performed at the prestigious Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland as well as on television, along with working in production and music. Kiyash is an Emmy-nominated producer and director, as well as an award-winning writer. Paula and Mike are immensely proud of their hardworking, talented sons and daughters-in-law, and they love to dote on their grandchildren. When Mike is not busy with family, he’s getting involved with the Sausalito community. Since first purchasing a home here in the late 1970s, he has been an active member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club, having served as president for both in the past. Additionally, his travels and fluency in Farsi, French, and some Arabic help him to develop easy rapport with many people.