I’m passionate about living a happy life. One that is filled with family, my dog, friends and real estate! My background and my interests gave me the ideal groundwork for a career in real estate. I’ve been taught many of the skills that help enhance my goal of continued success. Some of these learned skills include the art of listening, compassion, strategic negotiating, and effective communication. I have an extensive sales background and expertise in the domestic and international luxury markets. A combination of my strong business/marketing expertise, creative design aesthetic, timely, honest communication are areas I provide to my clients along with exceptional service. I love what I do! I am reliable, offer tireless and diligent energy that it takes to find the right, fit for every single individual’s needs. While my home is in Sothern Marin County I am familiar with all of Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay. My interests include volunteer work with the Marin Special Olympics, playing and watching tennis, hiking, cooking, entertaining and travel. I am the President of an HOA. My well-honed skills and experience of dealing with, adapting and adjusting to all cultures, enables me to communicate and work with individuals from many cultures and walks of life. I pride myself with my excellent listening skills. This particular skill is useful because it helps me to translate and understand the specific needs, wants and desires of clients. I am high energy, self–motivated and highly ethical. It’s important for me to maintain a simple life philosophy ...I live by the golden rule.